Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Philo Touch

Phoebe Philo is making fashion history again, this time at Celine.

Her first collection - in-store now - is Resort, and brought something both tough and chic to the house that is consistent in both the collection and the creative direction of the advertising campaign.

Philo's philosophy for the revamp - simplicity is key. Philo told WWD of the collection. "I wanted to sort things out. This collection felt like a solid start."

Following on from Resort, Philo presented another well received Spring/Summer collection in Paris in October. Cementing her theme "contemporary minimalism" she was again, bang on trend with what press and buyers were desperately looking to see in a somewhat disappointing season.

Moving the houses headquarters to London, the new look Celine may be quoted as a "clean up" on behalf of this talented British designer, but what she has achieved so far also defines exactly what women want right now, and doesn't necessarily apply only to fashion. Something which is practical, clean, minimalistic and well made. The low fuss, low budget campaign says it all.

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