Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Daniel Boyd

After seeing Dan, Belle and baby Enid over the weekend, I decided it was about time I posted some of Daniel's paintings. Daniel Boyd's career has really taken off in Australia over the past few years, so keep an eye out.

His work is centered on questioning the romantic notions that surround the birth of Australia. The irony in which he manipulates written textbook theory and actually addresses the very real brutality of the colonization of Australia is done in such a playful way that you can't help but be proud of this young, Indigenous Australian artist.

He is my friend, but I also really dig his work. It makes me proud to be Australian and excited to be back home supporting the arts.

Well done Dan - praise the lord - you are joining the dots on jesus, turning eurocentric views upside down and using Sadé and Al Green lyrics as your slogan to do so - we are all so proud of you!

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