Saturday, 27 June 2009

Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!

Following on from my obsession with Death Proof, here are some more tough girls in cars.

Jack Penate...

My friend Danielle's hubby produced this album. She gave it to me yesterday and it is really good.

Monday, 15 June 2009

The Cheap Shot

Just found this magic pony on Axel's photo blog... Axel and Tavlin (who I blogged about right at the beginning), have a magazine called Get This! It is such a cool mag and can't wait to see the next one they produce from New York.

Are Geisha Prostitutes?

No, they're not, it's all speculation. They are strictly man entertainers. They pour drinks, they play on their flutes and for centuries they have been paid a whole bunch by Japanese businessmen to dress up and waddle down the cobblestoned streets of Ginza.
I love Geisha's.. And I love my new term Über Geisha ... You know who you are ladies... Dig deep, we've all been there (and hopefully) got out alive!!!
The attached images are by Nobuyoshi Araki (kami)...

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Here are some pics from Terry Richardson's Hong Kong series. I love this crazy high roller couple living it large in their gold Rolls Royce.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Magic Show

This fashion story by Juergan Teller reminds me of the book "Geek Love" by Katherine Dunn for some reason... The characters less goulish perhaps...

Fortunato is possessed of strange telekinetic powers

Electra and Iphigenia are musically gifted siamese twins with a penchant for prostitution
Arturo The Aqua Boy is a limbless megalomaniac

Girl # 1

She may be girl no. 52 on the Colette blog, but she's girl no. 1 here! My friend Emmanuelle Moutinho was recently interviewed by Tiffany Godoy for the Colette blog. It's a great style reference actually, so check out Tiffany's favourite girls and be sure to read the interview with girl # 52 while you're at it.

Leather & Lace & Lots More

Givenchy Pre Fall '09. Grey Denim.. check.. black leather.. check... black lace.. check... black sequins.. check...sherling jkts...check. Ricardo Tisco sure knows how to pack in the trends. Well.. It's a bit too bang on trend for my tastes, but anyway... Just forget about looking at any other pre-fall collection, all the trends are here. Top Shop designers will be having a field day on this collection. Check it on


I'm going crazy with blog entries today.. Lucky for my two followers! I've just been listening to one of my all- time- fav tunes, "I love you Porgy". Nina Simone does a beautiful cover of this Billy Holiday song - I love you too Billy... But today I'm listening to Nina.. And here she is... Fro and all. I'm excited to be seeing lots of large round hair shapes about town. Looking forward to following up on some fro trend action in New York this summer too.



Before reality tv, we had Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder movies...


I'm constantly posting pictures of girls, so I thought I'd post my teen hearthrob to even things up. I finally got around to seeing Twilight the other night with my friend Jimmy. We both loved it, however Jimmy was a little perplexed on how come the teachers didn't question why Mr. Vampire had not left high school for 150 years??? Anyway -who cares whatevs- because ... How sexy is Robert Pattinson?!!! Ok, so I'm about a year late I don't care, If I were in her shoes, I would let this vampire boy suck on my neck any hour of the day..

Partay Pix!

These were taken a few weeks ago at a dress up partay. The highlights: The two catsuit clad G's having their photo taken with Bryan Ferry (pics to come) and Isaac's mum. Not sure what her name is, but she is pictured below in the policewoman costume. Which dead icon is she I wonder? She was smacking that bat all night... Was hilarious. Check out these pics and big up to my flatmate Gill in her Nina Ricci catsuit and fro- what a fox!! xxxxx

Friday, 12 June 2009


Girls kick ass. I'm a big fan of Quentin Tarantino's movie, Death Proof. Some people will disagree because it's an accumulation of ideas stolen from his other films and films of others.
I don't really care -I love the steam coming off the female characters in this movie. Totally enjoyed watching Kurt Russell's character (Stunt man Mike) get his ass kicked in, and hearing him squeal with pain felt good too. Other highlights include Zoe Bell (famous kiwi stunt woman, great casting) spreading her hot body over a Ford Mustang for a joy ride, as well as Butterfly's lap dance. The soundtrack is worth buying too!


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