Tuesday, 29 September 2009


My friend Sean designed a pair of sunglasses a few years back and called his label Super. They are now cult worldwide.. So amazing how you can make something massive once it takes off with hip hop, r&b or rap artists in America! Here's Darnell Robinson styling up his Super sunglasses for the VMA's...

Friday, 25 September 2009

Midnight Sun

The track Midnight Sun from Henry Pedro's Tender Loving warmed my heart today.

Blood Sisters

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Apartmento Magazine

Apartmento is a very nice Italian interiors magazine. What I like about it is that it's tailored to young creative people, as opposed to old money aristocrats or diy nouveau plebsville. They'll be co-hosting this pop up thing with Richard Lamb over the next week or so - I’ll be checking this out on Thursday. I want to buy this eggcup. http://www.apartamentomagazine.com

Washed Out.... and hung to dry on a speaker in my laptop today

Axel from the music label Modular put me onto this. Axe takes great photos. I think he should quit the day job and become a photographer!! Check out his trip to Burning Man, you'll be inspired. www.the-cheap-shot.com


Jasmine de Milo - London Fashion Week - Spring 2010

Although I felt the styling, hair and makeup was disappointing at the show this season, I adore the embroidery and textile design at Jasmine de Milo. I will be putting my orders in on the lily print design by textile designer, Alex Farmer. There are some beautiful, wearable pieces in this collection and it’s worth looking at. For more info on Alexandra's work http://www.alexandrafarmer.com/ Lookbook images by Dorit Pollard.

Meadham Kirchhoff - London Fashion Week Spring 2010

From the sheer layers on touch chic to the flat shoes and detailing, this collection comes together well. I love the hair and makeup - the dirty regrowth hair and pale skin looks great. This is my pick for London.

Fashion weAk LV dress love and peeps

Sunday, 20 September 2009

An Extra Thread of Stretch

Mark Fast - London Fashion Week

November Girl

I am a November Girl too....The 26th to be precise. I love this book by Sam Haskins

Friday, 18 September 2009


I lost control - maybe it was Anna Wintour making me feel inspired about shopping with no money or something. Who knows, but yeah it's still recession and all that jazz, but now we are coming out of the blues somewhat. So rejoice! - and on my feet as I type this are a new pair of BLACK SUEDE ELASTICATED RIBBON 105 MM PAIR OF YSL PLATFORM PUMPS. SUCK IT RECESSION DEPRESSION> I LOVE MY SHOES and this Tiga remix video cracks me up.


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