Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I'm hosting a charity event on the 23rd June for Women for Women International.
Since we're raising money for women, we decided it would be fitting to have girl dj's, so i've booked a bevy of women to come down to Bungalow 8.

Mimi Xu (aka Misty Rabbit!!!) is taking time out from her busy schedule to come from Paris - thanks Mims!
Well known London girls Queens of Noize will be there, as well as the British Vogue'sters , The Voguettes.
My sexy pals Gilly Wilkins and Danielle Epworth will also be teaming up. Mrs Epworth (who is actually the wife of well known producer Paul Epworth) will be taking some lessons from hubby (if you don't know who Paul is, he is currently working with the likes of Friendly Fires, The Big Pink, Jack Penate, Bloc Party, U2 and many more right). Big up Paul and Danielle and all the lovely ladies supporting a good charity!!!

Please let me know if you live in London and would like to come, we're still selling tickets!!!
I've attached some pics of our lovely talent ... Not to mention all the fun we are going to have with the raffle girls!! It's worth every penny you donate to charity....

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